UGG Boots

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Weather you are an ardent fan of UGG boots, shoes, and sandals, or not, you will agree that the brand is all about comfort. UGG boots don’t look sassy but they offer luxury for everyday life. They use quality materials … Continued

High Heel

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High heeled boots with wide circumference are hard to find and choose but once you find the style to fit your legs you will love their flattering silhouette.

Mens Cowboy Boots

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Cowboy boots is a style of riding boots worn predominantly by cowboys only. Nowadays cowboy boots have become a staple in the mans wardrobe and are nearly the most popular men’s boots. We see lots of celebrities sporting a pair … Continued

Extended Calf

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Extended Calf Boot For Athletic Calves Tall boots are fun and look hot and sexy any season. Women usually wear them pulled over skinny jeans or combine them with skirts, leggings, and dresses. Not only do tall extended calf boots … Continued


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On rainy days you need waterproof boots to keep your feet happy and dry but also you need to make sure that they really fit and have enough room to tuck in your pants inside. In this case you need … Continued

Tall Boots

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Boots always look chic. No matter whether it is summer or winter, you can always round up your outfit with a pair of hot boots. In fall and winter skinny jeans and leggings look great tucked in your tall wide … Continued

Riding Boots

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Wide Calf Riding Boots Initially riding boots were made to be used for horse riding. This type of classic boot is high enough in the leg to protect the leg of the rider from being squeezed by the saddle. They … Continued

Work Boots

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All we know how tiring can be work day of people who are on their feet all day, e.g. in plants, construction sites, etc. Thus the need for comfortable and lightweight work shoe or work boot with protection of steel … Continued

Chukka Boots Men

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Chukka boots are ankle boots, often made of suede, that are extremely popular among men. Chukka boots have lacing with 2, 3 or 4 eyelets. They are quick drying, water friendly footwear which make them perfect walking boots for various … Continued

Wide Shaft

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Large calves, or athletic muscle calves can cause frustration if you look for wide shaft boots at your local footwear store. Luckily for us, people with heavy calves there are online stores where we can find smart and comfy large shaft boots form brands like Trotters, Naturalizer, Bouquets, Fitzwell, and David Tate.

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