Boots Shapers

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No one wants cracked or creased boots. That’s why when the cold winter weather finally is giving way to warmer temperature, and boots must be stored in the closet for the next winter, these adjustable boot shapers can become very handy. Personally, I don’t like having all those oversized boot boxes in my closet and these boots shapers allow me to keep my boots upright and they always look good with no more creases in the ankle area. With their spring-loaded design, they automatically provide the right tension for all types and styles of boots. If you put more tension on the springs you can easily stretch out the shafts of your boots. This can be useful if you have athletic calves, but if you have skinny calves you should use them carefully.

Boots Shapers are way better than paper towel rollers we use to put inside the boots. These boot shapers keep your boots upright and in shape. Leg portion do not fall over and crease the leather.

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